Monday, January 15, 2007

They Follow me everywhere I go!

Okay what is it about animals and ME! Everywhere I go I seem to be bombarded with some kind of animal! At our old place we had a few Barn cats that would always appear, stray dogs, and of course our house was the " meeting place " for the neighbour hood dogs. LOL. Could be because I fed them and gave them treats.
So needless to say..we now have a new Garage cat here! I haven't named him...yet. But we caught a good glimpse of him, just long enough to capture a few pictures through the window, so my apologies for any blurriness in the pics. Anyways..I am feeding him or her not sure of that yet either, but I can't just leave it to stay in the garage and be hungry..right! Just call me a sucker for animals! P. S. The cat was just playing in the sandbox not looking for a place to poop..just in case you might have been thinking today that is. I know its bound to happen though well it already is lets face the facts right! Anyways if you can think of a good name for my garage cat let me know please!


hglcjjj said...

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Linda said...

I am the same way Chrissy, I real animal lover my husband Glen is too, we feed all the strays can't stand to think they are hungry or cold etc. They too have needs that we can help with hey. Good Job, he's a pretty stray...and love the photos of your baby, she is a winner for sure~!