Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Day of Play

Finally a school day where she can actually go and it's not cancelled! Even though today wasn't too nice as the roads were very blowy and drifty this morn, actually couldn't see very well sometimes I wonder who actually picks the days for the kids not to go. They seem to cancel the wrong days and make them go on days they shouldn't go..its weird.

Anyways I have been trying to keep the kids occupied so we dont have anymore " marker " incidents So we got out our school work books and coloured away..scribbled and then found some stickers and well Kennedy thought that placing them on her face would work better than the paper. I have noticed though..not too sure but I think it might be a possibility that Marshall could end up being a lefty! He tends to use his left hand a ton more than the right hand..Uncle Chad you will have a writing buddy.

I took some pics again.. and well I am actually just wishing that we have a calm, stress free day today..lets wait and see. All three kids are down for a nap right now and Makayla is at my Blogging time is so quiet and I will now go and tidy while i can. Have a great Day!

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