Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day to you!

Happy Valentines Day !!

So we have entered the month of February with a bang..of snow that is. And as the month falls upon the " Love Day " of this month we are now being bombarded with a really big snow storm. Within 1 hour of the winds picking up tonight I could believe the drifts and blowing snow pretty severe as we had to venture up the road to the doc's tonight. I don't wish anybody time outside in this dreadful weather.
To make this Valentines Day a Happy one...Makayla has writ
ten out her Valentine Cards for her class at school..she was so excited to do this. Just filled with anticipation to get them started..for a while she was calling them her Christmas cards..lol, till we re informed her that it was Valentines hunny, Valentines. She she wrote all the cards out, and gently taped a heart shaped sucker to each one. I just love these little heartfelt things that kids do for friends and classmates.

And well what would a holiday be without some form of cookies!! My Aunt is down for a few days to help with the kids and well she brought out some cookies and decorations for the kids to have fun with! And lets just say have fun they did! While the kids decorated the cookies Mike and I had a chance to go out for dinner all by ourselves. It was lovely..soo quiet, and calm, you know just nice to sit with my hubby and talk normally...not anticipating a child to interupt us or someone cry or pinch somebody else. Just US..Our time.. One of which we really need to do more often thats for sure. But it was also great to come home to see what beautiful little masterpieces of cookies they had made up. Such artistic little kiddies they are! On that note stay warm and out of the storms way..and of course, Happy Valentines Day to you all!

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Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

Lovin' the cookies. How cute!!
How did the doctor go?