Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sickness&Paper Flowers

Yet once again I am under the weather. I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac, or something. But, I knew that I had a minor cold but I didn't know it would turn to this. Last night while I was sitting in my chair this sharp sudden pain went through my forehead into my right eye under my, through the side of my nose and into my top jaw..it was debilitating! I stood up and yelled Mike I think I'm on my way out I cant move my face I'm paralyzed! I ran around the family room holding my tortured face thinking about all the things I still wanted to be here to do and how I would be so embarrassed if I had to go to the hospital cause the house was messy. I honestly thought that I was having an aneurysm or stroke or something bad. Needless to sat Mike went and got me a cold pill and a nerve pill and I just sat for a while the pain let up but did strike 2 times later and while I was in bed around 3 am ish..now this morning it just feels like there is a knife in my head and feels like something is trying to push my eyes out, dizzy spells..and an annoying headache on top of it all..So I called my Momma..to see what she thought..we both think that I have a nasty Sinus infection..so when Mike comes home I am off o the doc's. Any ways enough about Poor old me..
I tried to have the girls make a craft this morning so we made some paper flowers..they turned out great! And are now on display in their room on their walls!


Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...

Chrissy..I too can relate. I am sick too, this pounding headache that shoots through my eyes causing me to not be able to open them to wide, along with throwing up, and the sore throat. I had been lucky till now, I avoided most of the "Bugs" but this one got me.


Anonymous said...

I've got it too. Sinus pressure and the whole bit. It's starting to come loose now, but man its a doozie.

Funny how the Rossers avoided the sickness yet again...

BTW, I'm totally coming to your purse party...they look so nice :)

see you then,