Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This is what happens....

So..where should I start. i guess Iwill start at this morning. As you all know kennedy and i are butting heads right now,im sure it has something to do with her being almost 3 and the fact that i am so busy here with 3 other kids. Anyways, today was her day care we got all ready this morning and off we went to school. I dropped her off and then she started crying and it was the cry that you just knew you were gonna get a phone call to come get her. And yep not even 20 minutes later she was crying so hard I had to go get her. So there I go lugging all the kids out again to go get her..What a Pain!!!

SO we get home.. and i get some stuff done get the dishes cleaned..and checked the mail on the puter and turned around and well ..
OH MY GOSH..I couldnt believe my eyes!!
Little Miss Kennedy had been up to her little antics, where do I start.

First..i see that she has a blue marker in her hand..which my the way is washable...but with this marker she had...
Drawn all over Marshall especially his neck the back of it..
Coloured all over his legs.
Coloured on my carpeted steps
And a little on my couch..which wiped off okay.
Coloured on her legs..then thats when I caught her.

And thats when I got started to see red..I was so upset!! But tried to contain my I started by grabbing all the markers and put them away, they were just colouring on paper which normally goes well till today.
So I cleaned up the steps as much as I could and cleaned up my couch, and now the kids are going in the tub.

Needless to say I took ya go have a laugh or two while I cry.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooooo...that's not good...I feel for you...poor Marsh...just the canvas for his sisters art work...I am so not laughing, as I know the pain of having to clean this stuff up. It might be funny in 10 years, well make that 30, hopefully she will have one just like her!! Justice will be served some day, although I think she will need triplet girls to make up for this one!! Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, how lucky you are that you are cute!!!

Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...

Oh MY GOSH...Kennedy...!!! Chrissy you handled her well. Thank God they were washable even though they are still a challenge to get off... I feel for you...


Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

When my friend's daughter was about 3, she used a blue marker and "painted" her entire front side of herself, face included. She came out to the living room where we were and announced, "Look Mom, I'm the ocean."

Mental note: hide markers from the children!