Monday, March 26, 2007

Blonde clump

Well I thought that I might post this..I was sweeping the floor today and I suddenly came across this odd thing I looked closer and I noticed it was a big clump of long hair I immediately piped up and said : " Umm I sure hope that this is a doll's chunk of hair " ! And the response I got was : " No Kennedy cut her hair..I saw her.." Thanks Makayla for the FYI.
Kaye finally fessed up..thank goodness it was only a little chunk but still..the scissors are well hidden now..even though I though that they were.
Anyways I took a picture of the stuff she's not much but enough to take a pic


my4kids said...

Ooh you got lucky big time. When Kenzie was 3 she cut all her bangs off all the way to her head. Yeah I was devestated because she had this gorgeous mop of curls and you couldn't cover up the missing part. Of course she was only copying the boys who had chopped huge chunks out of their hair only weeks before. Yeah I know somehow even after hiding them from the first incident it happened again. Sneaky little kids.... Of course I had my 4 plus 3 others the same age. So obviously I was nuts to begin with.

Toni said...

Glad I have boys, with no interest in playing beauty shop!

Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...

Oh Kennedy..Kennedy?? What are you doing to your mother? Well Chrissy your lucky it wasn't worse.


Elle said...

YIKES LOL. I hope my kids never do that... although I'm sure they will at some point!

Heather said...

Oh you are so lucky thats all she cut off. My 5 year old decided to cut her hair too... Her hair was more than halfway down her back. She cut her bangs to the roots! She took a big chunk out of the back about halfway up the length...This was bad enough on it owns, but we had my brothers ordination ceremony to go to the following week. My mom had made dresses for all the little girl cousins and suits for all the little boys! I couldn't believe it! I went out shopping and spent about $30 on a pretty hat with a ribbon and flower on it... but you could still see her bangs anyway.. (c:Oh well... memories..