Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's Back

The Pain is back, the gruesome, antagonizing pain that is radiating through my thumb, up my wrist and now through my forearm. It's almost like it's getting worse rather then better, and it sucks. I have to say that I really dislike sitting down at night and having a throbbing wrist/arm, I said to my sister today , it's almost like it's on fire. She's wondering if I might need to go to Physio therapy to help with it..maybe I really damaged a lot when I fell, well you figure that was about 2 tons that my arm tried to save..not a good option.
Needless to say I have a Doc appt on Thurs for little Kourt Kourt so I will be sure to get looked at then, if not sooner.
The day has gone by very fast for me today, and well as for all the kids they all seem to have some Hyper/ jitters today..all out of sorts..I think they have Spring Fever..lol.
I am awaiting Mike's arrival home as we have to take some water samples into town...he said if he gets home early today we can do that..there;s something weird going on with the water here, thank goodness we have to hook up to the town water this year as I think we would have to fix a Big problem if we didn't, so we have to pay $$$ either way but it will be good this way.
Well I am off to pick up after these little gremlins...they got into some chocolate Easter eggs today and there is chocolate drops from one end of the house to the other now,,,,AARRGGGHHH!

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my4kids said...

Sorry about the hand. I get that also it sucks when your trying to type because it makes it worse.