Monday, March 12, 2007

March What?

Can someone PLEEAASSEE tell me why do they call this week March Break?? It may be a tiny getta way for the kids, but it's definitely no darn break for us parents! Man O Man I now realize why my mom, and others that have said stuff always frown upon March break. So far we have endured 50 % more whining, 30 % more fights, 10 % more food consumption, and 10 % more use of Advil-for me.
Let's all wish for a " Lax " more week. Good Luck to me!! We will find activities to do..and we are back on our family routines at night so that will help made them sleep in this morning so I'm okay with that!



Elle said...

Nice to meet you! I'm new to this blog ring. I'm also a Canadian mom of three little girls!

Anonymous said...

YOU WON A PRIZE !!!! go to the ultimate blog party site and check it out ... it's a baby bracelet :)

yay you!!!

Dustanne said...

Right on with the bracelet!!!!

I have to agree with the March break thing, but lucky me, today I have no just my son and I and he is so easy going.
Good luck!!!!