Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mission Accomplished..and Im Back Blogging

Wowzeerrrss! What a past few days it has been here! First the Hydro was out for almost 24 hrs last week then it finally came back on after the house went down to a shivering 10 degrees, while the toilet turned into a porta potty, and well the use of the 2 candles we have in the house were lit. Thank goodness it came on when it did!
From there my lovely Aunt came down again to help me out with the project we were onto with the upstairs hallway, and to just give me a hand around the house and with the kids as well. Honestly I feel great when she is here as an extra hand is always helpful here..mind you I think that she may have gone home partially deaf from the screaming she endured here but she must like it as she keeps coming back..See ya in a couple weeks..right? Just kidding whenever you can I am grateful..Thanks again!!
I am glad to be back on again, and glad that our project is done. Like does anyone else have computer/Blogging with drawl?? Cause I am pretty sure that's what I had these past few days as I was shaky, listless and well tired...oh yea that's just from the finished!! It turned out great I am very happy with it. My Aunt is a great Peeler....Wallpaper peeler, get your mind out of the gutter! And well she really does have painting down to a perfection too! Here are a few pics hope you can see on these what it kinda looks like!
I have a few little spots to clean up from the carpet but other then that we did fairly well for not making a The colour of the paint is called Raffia Cream it kind of changes colour a bit in different light, but for the most part I think that the second picture is most true to the real colour. So the only thing I still have left to do is all the trim but that's always it can wait.

Well I'm off but I will blog again as I have many pics to post of other incidents from this weekend! Adios!

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Walls are looking good!!!