Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Picture This

okay..this is really gonna sound completely dumb, and silly but listen anyways.

So this afternoon I was, uumm well Blogging again..and I had supper on the stove and some in the oven cooking away, no big deal! The kids were playing upstairs, and Mike was still at work, but due home any minute. So I am blogging away, minding my own business when all of a sudden, all I hear is : " BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP,"etc, any guesses???
Well for those of you who guessed a smoke detector are right! Yepper..good old cookin' momma did a bit cookin' damage today.
It turns out that you shouldn't leave a pillar candle on top of the stove while you have two burners on and the oven on as well..I think the heat had a little bit to do with it all or somethin'. Anyways, the candle really, I mean REALLY melted and landed on a burner that was on, which well.....really smoked a lot, then in turn made 3 of the smoke detectors go off. And well that made 4 of my kids " go off " on tantrums telling me how loud the noise was and what is that gross smell mom??
The burner that the candle fell upon had a pot of boiling potatoes on it, yea, well. Let just say that the potatoes had a hint of " Sage candle " in them..mmmmmmmmm, wax.
I let Mike try them..he really didn't taste the un ruly flavour till bout 3-4 minutes later then he was " eewww" ing.
So those got chucked, and well to make matters worse...came round 2 for me!
So I just finished cleaning up a ton of melted wax on the stove and finished hitting the smoke detectors to keep off,when my footing suddenly felt funny under neath my Gargantua's body...then I remember yelling " aaahhhhh, no" yep thats when the padded behind of myself hit the kitchen floor as hard as a 10 ton rock hitting pavement. BBBOOOMMMM, is all you heard, then off in the distance from the top of the staircase you here Kennedy say" You alright mom, its okay". I then got myself up to notice that the item which caused my tragic fall was a letter magnet from the word builder whammer thingy for the fridge..yea I got pretty mad at the letter E for a while.
I have to say that my tailbone/behind/back are once again in aching mode tonight. I am wishing that bruises steer clear of me this time around.
Well now we have all chuckled yet once again at one of my clumsy days, enjoy your night and see ya tomorrow!


Christie said...

Oh my goodness!! What an adventure you had today!! =)
I came over to wish you a Happy Blog Party Week!

Dustanne said...

Wow, what an adventure you had.
I am so sorry that your back is sore, but I did get a good laugh and I thank you for that.
I can tell you that my 5 yr old would be right with your kids yelling about the loud noise...what is with that???