Wednesday, March 14, 2007

X Rays Complete UPDATED...

I went for my X-Rays yesterday. All went well, and surprisingly I got in right away, I was expecting a waiting room full of injured or pregnant people, but none the less! The X-Ray technician was nice but ruff and gruff when it came to positioning my wrist for the pics to be taken. I toughed it out and never said anything ..even tough I wanted to. It ended up taking about 10 minutes in total and she took 8 pictures of what was indicated on the requisition sheet.

She took a peek to make sure that they turned out to be visible and then to me to be on my way..well she said bye. So I don't know anymore then I did yesterday. The doctor will get the results for me by today or tomorrow. I'm not really in any hurry to find out whats wrong as I have left it this long- the damage is done now...right!

Anyways I will let you know and fill in the details for you when I find them out!
Well I just received the phonecall & and nothing is cracked or broken, fractured or misplaced! So he is chalking it up to be some torn ligaments or tendons something of hat nature he said I am to wear the dreaded splint till it feels better as often as I possibly can.


Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...

Chrissy I am so glad to hear that nothing is broken, however sometimes they say a sprain can be worse than a break. Glad that nothing like that happened either. Take it easy!! Gimme a call, I would LOVE to help, even if it's just changing diapers, you know how much I love your kiddies.


Dustanne said...

So sorry to hear about the splint but it is good to know that everything is ok.