Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm annoyed

if there's one thing in my life that I really, realllyy love through my days it's coffee. And it doesn't matter where it's from as long as it's made right and not too strong or too weak...just right! ( Not too picky huh ) Anyways, I was in town yesterday and well I did my little drive through coffee purchase and well timbits for the kids, I stated my order..wasn't too hard an Extra Large coffee 1 sweetener 2 cream, and 10 honey dip timbits. Not sure if I mumbled or if her headset wasn't working but she asked me to repeat it I did! I then waited patiently in well not so patient but we made it through. I was then handed the Timbits- I proceeded to chuck them back to kids accordingly, then my sweet, piping hot coffee. My mouth was watering for this perfect cup. So we take off and I decide to finally open up those sometimes difficult tabs on the lids-what a pain they can be I find! And then I notice...I HAVE SOMEONE ELSE'S COFFEE! All I could say in my head was: " NNNNNOOOOOO" !!!!!! She either really didn't hear me at all or someone just really mixed up cups. Cause my cup then had 3 sweeteners and 3 said on the lid. I WAS NOT IMPRESSED..NOT AT ALL. But did I go marching back to shove it in their face..NO. SO I drank it and squinted my eyes with every sip..but I eventually got it down.
The moral of my story I guess is I need to Yell very loudly then sign it at the window to the lady as to what goes in my coffee.
And here are some ways to Roll up the Rim..for fun!


Anonymous said...
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Toni said...

I hate that! That's almost as bad as when I order a coke, and take a big swig of diet coke- blech! Like I want that crap in my mouth!

my4kids said...

Thats bad to mess up on a persons coffee!!!
Just not nice.

Wendy said...

Nothing worse than the wrong coffee. I am a total coffee snob.... my way or no way. I can't stand downing it if it doesn't taste right!! Yucky! I am proud of you for finishing it. You must have REALLY needed it!! :) Also, CUTE CUTE CUTE pics of the birthday! Looks like she had fun. What a HUGE yummy looking cake!

Elle said...

I could never roll those rims up like they do on the commercials. I have like 2 inches of skin missing and most fingernails trying to roll it.

Not a coffee drinker; but once they gave me half hot choco and half coffee - I was not amused!

partyoffour said...

As most Canadians know......messing with someones coffee is unacceptable. I would've had a hard time not returning to speak to the manager. A great coffee can make my day.....a bad coffee just makes a bad day worse.

Heather said...

oh no!!! I hate it when they do that!! There is nothing like the anticipation of that first sip of my piping hot half French vanilla half coffee--made to my specs-and the shock of sipping black unsweetened coffee... SO disappointing! Oh well... I try to keep it in perspective on those days ..... no one is injured, everyone is healthy and happy... it's just a messed up coffee...LOL your blog looks like fun.. I'll be back to look around again.

Heather said...

Hey the next time I went through the drive thru I told them at the window about the last messed up coffee and they gave me a freebie!

Dustanne said...

I would have been spitting out that coffee....I take the x-large decaf and just 3 cream....NO SUGAR.
Sorry bout the coffee.

Was reading the other posts and I am so sorry I have missed so much.
Happy b-lated. Love the picture of

Hope you all are doing well!!!!!