Monday, April 09, 2007

Look before leaving

Well where do I start. K, I will start here, it was Sunday night and Mike was getting ready to run a few errands, so I said to him well we have a few things to deliver up that way can we come with you and then it will be all done? He said sure why not ..let's go. So that's just what I did..just started placing kids in shoes and left. Well..let's just say that Momma should have been thinking a little better and well maybe should have looked to see if her kiddies were dressed appropriately or We finished our first delivery no problem other then a few little fights that came from the back seat ..between the two oldest girls..they are like a couple cats lately! We then started to journey off to the next delivery, Mike decided to take them up to the door and he then motioned me to come here. So I got out and said " Ya what's up ". He said : " Oh they want us to come in and visit for a little bit". UUmm yep Momma was stunned..not about the visiting friends part , but about the part of:
1.) Momma didn't wash the kids all!
2.) Momma didn't dress the kids all.
3.) UUMM the kids all had on Crocs..with no socks..forgot to say there is still snow here.
4.) Momma didn't do any ones hair... meaning the girls..thank goodness for extra barrettes
5.) I had to make sure that I was wearing socks that didn't acquire any huge holes in them
6.) As for Mike..he just doesn't care..he will go anywhere wearing anything
7.) All the kids were in ROTTEN moods ..hence the fighting between them

Needless to say I was HESITANT!
So we had 1 more drop to do first I said to Mike let's finish dropping these off first ..then we can come back for a bit. SO he told problem. So we then ventured off to Lori's place dropped off her order, and I rubbed her tummy ( as she is expecting) so cute! Then off we went for the visit.
" Everyone out of the BUS"..we laid down the rules and off we went to visit. I stated as soon as we arrived in the door: " Please excuse the : No Socks, dirty faces, messed up hair in apropriately dressed kids, as we were not expecting to visit anyone. They didn't care they said, as they have 2 of their own so I'm sure they know how it can be.
SO what have I learned from this you ask! Well I think that I'm going to pay a little closer attention to their feet, hair, clothing, faces before they walk out before me!
Thanks to our friends for understanding.


my4kids said...

That happens all the time to me partially because the kids dress themselves and whenever we go anywhere with the hubby he will tell them to get in the car and I don't notice till later that they are messy.

Toni said...

Been there, done that. Don't care much anymore. Slacker mom.

scribbit said...

Reminds me of the time I forgot my son was naked (don't ask why) from the waist down and I only remembered when we were in the middle of the grocery store. Maybe that's worth a post, it's a good story.