Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Madness

I'm sure you have all heard of " Monday Madness" before. Just the whole scurrying around trying to get things accomplished and all. Well I totally feel like I have had one of those days today. It all started with all the kids being sick this past week, and still today except Makayla. Once again I packed up everyone and dragged them with me to take Makayla off to school for the day. The ride up there was full of " barking, hacking, gagging, snot wiping-on the sleeves, watery eyes, painful moans, and all around general sadness from these sickies." So I made my decision based on that and a phone call to Jen to see if I should bother dragging them all up to the doc..again. So I called and called and called and called..and the phone was busy--" BEEP BEEP BEEP"..I hate that noise! So I packed em up again and up we went..I marched in and said I tried to call but it was busy so I just came up. I told them that I have some really sick kiddies, so they put me on their list to get in...but she did say that it might be a little wait. So we all sat down and started the waiting process. And we waited, and waited, and waited. I finally convinced them to play with some toys that were there- you know to spread the germs..NOT! I then noticed a very foul odour coming from someone in the waiting area..which turned out to be one of my rugrats..Kourtney. SO I had to run out to the van grab a diaper, and all we packed into the tiny little bathroom to change a diaper. Wow little Kourtney really didn't like the cold, hard bathroom floor too much..but I'm sure everyone knew that from the screams she let out. From there we went back out into the germ infested waiting room and continued to wait. Finally we were called into a room so I call the kids to follow me down the hallway and Marshall thinks we are leaving so he heads for the door to go out, so I had to them re convince him to come my way, we get into the room and yet wait again. And continue to wait, and wait. Then Kennedy starts playing with those door topper thingies behind the know the things that spring back..which i put to an abrupt end..but then little Marshall started on it, then they both got into a brawl over it, it was great fun! I was then informed by Kennedy that she had to go poop! Well, I said. I guess you are gonna have to go up to the bathroom by yourself as I was putting Kourt to sleep and Marshall was just content at this point. So objected a bit but then said FINE..and she stormed off to the bathroom. By the way today Kennedy was wearing a jumper, with a t-shirt and some navy tights..her picking by the way! So bout 5 minutes pass and still no Kennedy back yet. So I open the door and I finally see her appear down the hallway. But something was different about her I thought! Oh my goodness I said! Kennedy pretty much stripped in the bathroom and well...she came out and down the hallway in just her navy blue tights....and at that they were inside out and only half way Take it in stride is what i tried to keep telling myself. So I demanded that she go back to the bathroom and retrieve her clothes..and well her response was..NO! And very loud..she then had a mini meltdown..Oh how lovely!
From there the Dr came in and said.." Oh we have someone here who thinks she''s the boss?" UUMM Ya think! SO he checked the kids out and they have croup..and Marshall and Kourtney both have double ear infections, and 1 of Marshall's ears is bulging like a Cherry he said. So they are all on Amoxil. FUN! I travelled out of the Doctor's over to the Pharmacy to fill the scripts, and all I did was run in. Then i hear the little bell ding away I look was Kennedy! in her navy blue tights again...with no shoes!. There is a little colouring table in there too so she sat down to colour, it was then that I noticed that she had stepped in chewed bubble gum somewhere along the line of travelling from the van into the pharmacy. So there I stood yanking chewed gum off of navy blue tights in the pharmacy..YUM, YUM!
Received the scripts, travelled home..everyone had a nappy poo. We then got ready to go and pick up Makayla..when Kennedy yet once again dressed a lovely ugly muscle shirt with mauve tights..and yep that was it! Lookin' Good honey! Well I'm off to spend time with my well dressed kiddos..hehe


my4kids said...

I had to laugh a little but really its laughing with your remember I had 4 in 5 years! I could so relate to this!

Elle said...

LOL I got this downpat!!! I had all three kids in less than 2 years.... People think I'm nuts. I say, "Hey at least I took a break after that!"

Here's hoping your week gets less hectic!

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Ya we had 4 in 5 years...lots of fun..but not this week!

Amy W said...

I had to laugh about the waiting in the office and entertaining kids. I have been there to much this past winter..

Anonymous said...

Hope they're all feeling better soon Chrissy, what a busy week.

And here's hoping you and Mike dont' get it too!

Take care,