Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A morning with 6 kiddies

( Hope you don't mind Jen)!
My morning started off with a bang today: Everyone was getting ready, on time in a nice orderly fashion so we could try to get Makayla to school on time today..LOL. Then my phone rang...that's odd I thought..as I was awaiting a phone call from my very pregnant friend Paula..but it wasn't her. It was Jen!( to catch up with Jen's blog click here:-Jen's Blog).
I answered the phone with anticipation even though I knew it was Jen..I though wow why would she be calling this early, something must be wrong, maybe someones hurt? When I answered, the first thing she said was " Hi..Oh my were you still sleeping?" I laughed and said no..as I had been up for a while.She said:" Oh good..cause I gotta question for ya"? I said K what? Jen says chuckling under her breath...:" Would you mind watching my kids this morning while I go and get my hair cut"? My response: " Sure..no problem"!
So she scurried off to get her kiddies ready to come here and play.. I was so excited to have new faces here and so were my kids. Kennedy grew more and more hyper as she eagerly awaited their arrival. And then they came. " Here's Jen ", I shouted! Kennedy stood at the front door and counted the kids coming out of the van: there's 1, there's 2, there's 3. Jen decided to take her youngest one Jack with her. So out they got and in they came. And then there were 6. It was funny cause as soon as her kids were in my door Jen said to me: " K I'm off before someone starts crying or something." I have to say it was fun! Busy too but fun. Watching them explore new surroundings, and viewing my kids as someone else played with their toys. It was a good time for all of them. We ended up going outside to play for a while, and that's when Jen reappeared back to get her kids. And...her new stylin' haircut looks awesome!!! I love that cut on her! We then travelled back up to put her kids into her vehicle so she could head off to town.
I just want to say Thank you so much Jen for allowing me to watch your kids ..they were awesome and soo darn cute!!
By the way---*****************HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!!!!!!*******************

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