Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And it continues

Since I can remember through the entire time that I have known my husband Mike, all I can vividly remember is people always calling him " truck driver Ziggy ". He LOVES Trucks-hence the reason he drives a Big Rig. But also as he was growing up he and his brother collected farm toys and dinky cars/trucks..etc. Okay I am not talking about 20 or 30 I mean they have a HUGE collection..and Mike has decided to bring 1/4 of it over to our place for Marshall to play with as he too is fascinated with Trucks & cars and farm toys..go figure huh. He has the sounds that go with each toy down pat too: So for a Big Truck it's " CCHHHUUHHH" ( air Brakes), for a van or car its:" Vroom", for a tractor/combine it's: " bbbrrrrbbbrrr" like when you make a noise with your lips together..go ahead do it I know your gonna try it now! LOL. It truly melts Mike's heart watching him lay on the floor and play with his old toys that he loved as a child ( which he still loves as he is a little anal about some of them).hehe. So he asked me to take some pics of Marshall playing with some of these trucks, someday we will have all his old toys here for Marshall to have, I'm sure I will take a pic to show you the massive collection that my hubby was is still is obsessed with.


my4kids said...

To cute my hubby collected the matchbox cars and has tons of them the boys do to and when I say tons I mean tons! Izzak is picky about which ones he gets though he only likes trucks and suvs though.

Elle said...

My husband collected them as well. Plus he had this killer train set... and then he had 3 girls. I told him girls can play with it too but he says that's ok, they aren't safe anyways to play with LOL.