Monday, July 02, 2007


And yet more tears are being shed on my behalf as my little girl has reached yet another milestone. Yes I know why shed tears you happy! It's just the fact of her being the last one, and knowing that this will be the last time I see this occur for us. I am happy that she has reached this joyous step, but I wish she could stay little forever. I remember it like yesterday when I delivered her, and none of my births will ever be forgotten memories...just like these little steps in life that Kourtney is taking now. I captured a couple cute pics this morning of her pulling up and cruising along the couch to share with you all.

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my4kids said...

I understand how you feel. I feel sad everytime Madison does something for the first time. I'm happy to see her doing things she should but sad to know that is the last time one of my kids will be doing that for the first time.