Friday, July 13, 2007

Yucky Bug

Well this has been an interesting week. Starting off with Mike saying that he felt a little " off "..which is odd as Mike hardly ever gets ill. Then the next day..was not good. He definitely had the FLU. Poor guy was laid up on the couch, chills, fever, " toilet running ", and the dreaded nausea. THEN....little fragile Kennedy started. Laying on the couch with Daddy, saying her tummy hurts, and withing 1 minute of saying that: a huge projectile..Yep you know. We both ran to the bathroom, only to leave a trail behind us for me to clean up. It didn't end there. A little later that evening she blew again, same force and same But that seemed to be it for her, now it was time for her to rest. But...Marshall was the next culprit yet he seemed to get away with a very sore tummy and nasty poops though. Which in turn ended up laying with momma for most of the night just cuddling. And little Kourtney didn't get away with it either. All was fine around 10 that night when I was consoling her then she let loose all over me I was covered. So not fun. I did a few loads of laundry that night! Anyways we all seem to be better..I have a tiny bit but nothing to complain about..and Makayla got nothing, lucky duck. To top it off, it was Mike's birthday yesterday...sick on your birthday, no fun. Happy Birthday Babe!
Okay..I'm updating this not even 2 hrs after I posted the first one..and I am now sick. Fever , chills, so nauseas, and " toilet running "..I hate being sick..but I don't have time be sick with these I will muster through it, again.

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my4kids said...

Oh sorry! I hate being sick also and being mommy you just don't have time to be sick especially if anyone else is sick. You still have to take care of least thats how it is here.