Tuesday, August 07, 2007

First of many to come

I post this blog a little bit late but better late than never..right! So, for a few months now our first born Makayla has been constantly keeping us updated on her loose tooth situation. And well it was hanging by threads the other night, well bout a week or so ago, and sure enough the very next morning it came right out as she was talking, caught her off guard, but it led to a great big smile with a new little hole.
There are mixed feelings about this whole tooth losing situation. I am so happy for her that she is proud and happy, but yet it makes me a little sad too, to know that she is growing up so fast right before us. Well I guess I better get used of it right? So anyways back to the tooth story. We were suppose to go out that night~ the day she lost her tooth, and we did to a party, and well...Makayla decided to take her tooth she had lost with her. SO she told me that she placed it in her shorts pocket ~ which had a zipper and no holes, but...then half way through the party she announced that she had lost her tooth somewhere at the party. HAHA...like that would be finding a needle in a haystack huh! Needless to say there were some tears shed as she thought that the tooth fairy wouldn't appear now. But i assured her that if she wrote the tooth fairy a note, that she would certainly read it and leave her a treat of some sort.
So she wrote a note, left it under her pillow, and fell fast asleep..i think with 1 eye open for a while but that didn't last too long..lol. So sometime during the night the precious tooth fairy fluttered down with her big fluffy wings and scooped up her note and left her a money denomination~not too big as she knew that she had other teeth and many other kids to follow this whole procedure!!!LOL.
So now she has a tiny space free in her bottom jaw and two more a very loose and 1 ready to fall out real soon..so her loose tooth lisp will get worse and worse..but its cute!


my4kids said...

Madison is finally getting some of the 6 teeth she has lost in the last 8 months in now its to cute but she has a bit of a jack o lantern look right now!

Theodora said...

Well said.