Tuesday, August 21, 2007

O. M. G. !

My Monday wasn't going the greatest this week. You know it started off par the usual course~yelling/screaming/fighting children. Cleaning up the house at least 10 times within a 5 hr span. Then Marshall got a hold of a BLACK marker that Makayla had just recently received and well ...he wrote on my wall..and yes you guessed it..it wasn't a washable one! I got at least 50 % of it off but the rest is there to stay till we paint. After all that Mike arrived home in good time so I got the two youngest down for a nap, and Makayla, Kaye and I went out to get some school clothes. Mike helped get the girls ready to go while I got myself ready. And off we went to town! Finally arrived at the store and I layed down the law before we went in and hoped for the best. I found a few pair of pants for Mack, and some shirts but not too much, then Kennedy found a skirt she wanted..so I thought K..I'm gonna let her get it as I usually do the picking of clothes for them but this time I will let her have free choice of them today. We had a large amount of clothing picked out and so we now needed to go and try them on. So off to the change rooms we went! And a line up there was..just to try on clothes. Ho Hum, Ho Hum we waited. Then a room became available for us to use..then bout 5 min after we got a room they all became available~go figure huh. So Makayla and Kaye both went in one room together while I waited outside to see the results. Makayla came out to show me a few different items, then Kaye with her skirt. All was fine...till Kennedy decided to go into her own change room, which was 2 rooms down from Makayla. It was fine I could keep an eye on both no problem but, then all I hear is Kaye yelling at me that she locked the door and couldn't get it open!! So I told her to crawl under the door and then I would get Makayla to go and open it. So under the door Kaye crawled~little did I know that she was in the middle of changing her clothes again! She had taken her skirt off, and tried to put her pants back on..which were inside out. And for those of you who know Kaye..having clothes inside out is TRAUMATIC for her!There she was high pitched short screaming and yet a little grunt was in there too. As she appeared from under the stall door I noticed her pink t-shirt and well..NO skirt...and NO pants...and well NO UNDERPANTS either! Yes that's right..now remember who got them ready to go while I was getting ready..Daddy~ not blaming though!
Let me tell you I was soooo embarrassed this little blonde girl who was just short burst screaming with an audience..and no pants at all. All I said was: " Where is your underwear?" She replies with: " I don't know!"
I let it go and shuffled her back into a change room to get her pants back on, with a struggle. After all this we decided it was time to leave, so we bought what we picked out, and the skirt too. I picked up a couple dozen corn on the way home too, and well let's just say that I think the girls were tired of shopping and needed to blow off some steam, cause they were doing laps in the greenhouse. I was fuming by this point! I am pretty sure there was smoke billowing out of my ears. After some stern shouting they stopped and all I have to say is : " Boy is your dad gonna be mad!". They knew they were in trouble. A stern talking and then a little nap before dinner helped a bit.
Needless to say, I really must do an Underpants check before we leave the house anymore! LOL


Three busy kids said...

OMG..I'm so sorry about the marker thing. Did you try the magic eraser? The other thing that works for me is Sunlight dish soap.
I'm so sorry

my4kids said...

I've had experiences very similar to that with taking the kids out especially with the boys! Joshua loved to climb under the doors and was always locking them and coming out on purpose instead.