Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Can't Believe it's been a year !

Hard to believe that a year ago today I had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. It all started at 5:05 am on September 4th 2006. Mike woke up early that morning to get ready and go to work, and I got up with him, and said non shalantly that I felt like it was starting but didn't say much else. So mike started off on his day..and drove down the road with the roar of his Cat engine. As and hour went by I knew this was it, the pain became more and more intense~ not enough that she was gonna fall out or anything but...lol ( Jen ). So i made the phone call and told Mike that I thought it was time we go in to the Hospital and, he turned around wherever he was and came right home. As I waited for him, I felt different and more intense pains coming....this was all to familiar to me. My mother in law came down to watch the kids for us, and I ran around the house to gather up things for my hospital bag..lol I know it should have been done before but I am a procrastinator! Finally I was ready, Mike had cleaned up with a shower, and off we went.
We arrived at the hospital and we regiatered any all that flubbub, then was sent to a room. Mike had kept track of the side of the hallway for which room we went into for each of our kids, and well this one was on the girl side... but he didn't say that to me till after. The nurse came into check me, and mom came waltzing into the room to be with us again..as she was there for all of our births. Then my mom told me the horrifying news of the death of Steve Irwin..that completely shocked me..so much I dilated more..lol, and was wheeled off to a room that was finally free! I was transferred beds, and my bad of waters was broke,and told the nurse..you will here me groan...DO NOT LEAVE ME WHEN U HEAR THAT..as the baby is coming then! Sure enough 17 minutes later the GRUNT/GROAN arrived...the nurses turned and looked at me and said Oh my..I see what u mean..there she was ready to come out! So the doctor placed his behind on a stool, and waited for my push..then a TSUNAMI almost took him out! The nurses even commented at how I got the doctor wet when i pushed her out..I never laughed so hard. Needless to say our little girl had arrived, at 7lbs 7 ozs. I cried with joy and sadness as I knew this was to be our last born. But made a comment about how happy I was to be able to use my girly clothes once again. But poor Marshall..no little brother..No we are not trying for one!!!
So this is how little Kourtney Regan came to the world on Sept 4th!


my4kids said...

Happy Birthday to little Kourtney! I was happy to use my girly clothes again with Madison but sad she would be my last also.

Dan said...

Happy Birthday Kourtney.