Friday, September 28, 2007 throats..then fevers.

My deepest apologies to all of you who read my blog daily...I have been slacking sooo bad lately. But i really do have a good excuse,really!
I don't even know where to begin. Well I guess it all began to turmoil 1 week after Makayla started school again. That was when THE GERMS arrived at our house for another year!! The first illness put us all cramping over the loo ~ if you know what I mean. Then came the common cold, we all got that one except Makayla and Mike...but Mike was suddenly struck with a bad case of Bacterial Pneumonia a week later. He overcame that whole ordeal, just in time for this one. Yet another cold came home and poor little Kourtney caught it, then gave it to me ( mom ). But I managed to make this cold increasingly worse! All of a sudden one afternoon it felt like my throat was scratchy, didn't think much of it, but not even 4 hrs later it took all I had to swallow. So Mike called up to the doc to get me an appt, so off I went and I took Kourty with me. After a short wait I was looked at . He looked little Kourtney over first to tell me that she had just another cold..that answer was not appealing to me, but I brushed it off and tried to swallow..with the disgust in my face the doc asked me if I was trying to sneeze? I said No I am trying to swallow, I said I can hardly do that! So I opened up my mouth he shone his bright tunnel light down my germ infested throat and said : " Holy Cow..Oh my...That is Beefy have Strep Throat". Well now..that would explain the reason why it feels like I ate razors blades and they are stuck in my uvula region!!
So he wrote me a script for Penicillin, and off I went. By this time it was way too late to get meds, so I thought Ok I will endure this tonight and get them in the morning. So I went home took some lovely Tylenol and off to the couch I lay. Took all I had to gulp the water down to wash that pill away, but I did. Finally off to bed I went, yet to be woken up again by a screaming baby through the night.
I made the decision the next morning that I was taking Kourtney back up to see the Doc, as I was not doing this for another night, for I wouldn't get any better myself without rest. I made the phone call and told the receptionist that Kourtney had actually got worse over night and needed to be seen. She said rush her up please! I packed up the kiddies and off I went, again. Waited once more, was placed in a room and then he walked in, asked all the questions and took a peek in her ears and said Oh ...there's the culprit! An ear infection...yep you guessed it off to the Pharmacy AGAIN...I swear he has seen our last name so much this much he is probably sick of seeing it.
Needless to say I am feeling MUCH better with every pill I pop, still not perfect but better. And little miss Kourtney is slowly on the mend.
All to get cured and then to wait for the next GERMS to arrive and infect us.


Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

Hmmm, ew. Remind me to stay away from you germy people!! LOL
Glad you guys are on the mend. Especially Kourts. She's too cute to be sick!

my4kids said...

Sorry you guys have been so sick! Definetly a good excuse. I had strep last month when we were trying to move so I feel your pain!

Scribbit said...

I just went through 10 days of Lillian having viral meningitis and it wiped me out with the worrying.