Monday, October 15, 2007


As the cool Fall air creeps in on us, I find that it also gives us a little bit of a nudge to get some Fall activities accomplished before it's over~which we all know will be sooner then later. On that note M Apples..season pickin' time here! So we packed em' all up, and off we went, to the nearby Apple Orchard! The excursion started off with a mini train ride to take us back to the with a few toots from the train whistle, and a couple clangs of it's bell we rode to the orchard and then had a spiel about some apples and where others were to find.
We gathered up our large basket and a picken' we went! Kids had a great time, trying to reach and well also having a helping hand/shoulders from Daddy to get those plump juicy ones at the very top. It's a yearly event for us to pick and gather Apples and it's a day we cherish as a family. And of course...what would an Orchard be without some Fall Pumpkins to sit on!

What a patch of Pumpkins for our" Pumpkins "to enjoy!


my4kids said...

Great pictures! I used to go to apple orchards when I was younger but we haven't really done that with our kids. They don't grow apples here in Ketchikan though.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME pics Chrissy!!
Our house is on Highbury...if you are going though bryanston, its right next to the church...address is 22929:)