Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our Tree...excursion

It all started on a Friday night, we got all the kiddies dressed and packed up to go and cut our Christmas So we tree down...I was soo excited. More just to see the kids faces that we were cutting a tree this year not just putting it together out of the box. I wanted to do this. ( Not sure why ) ! Anyways, finally got em' all in the van and drove over to the Tree place ...yeah they were closed. As I took a deep breath in I then said to Mike are you sure they were closed and you didn't just read the sign wrong? Yeah no he was was closed till morning. decided to try this all again in the morning. And that's just what we did, we packed em' all up again and off we went. We pulled in the lane way and a nice man came out to greet us and said do you have a saw~ Mike replied with a this one ok..? The man said Oh I'll get you one of mine it might be We brought the sled to put Marshall and Kourtney in as I'm sure it would have been an even more escapade without that. And off we went down a steep hill towards a river and tons of beautiful and large trees. As we walked along the beaten path another couple was ahead of us and had just cut their tree down and were walking by us when the lady said would you like me to take your family picture? And of course i said yes..Oh how delightful I thought a Grizzwald picture that's great.
So..the picture was taken, and we continued to hunt for our tree. We actually walked where we saw the other couple come from and sure enough Mike spotted a beautiful tree. We took a picture of it and then he started to saw it..and each kid took a turn with the saw and got a picture taken in return. Finally the tree fell to it's despair and Mike started to drag it. So back to the beaten path we headed..then outta now where: " Mommy" was yelled....there's something on my mitts and my hat is stuck..Yep~ little Kennedy got stuck in a Burr patch..Oh goody~more to clean. Well if any of you know Kennedy very well....Burrs stuck to her mitts did not go over well at can imagine, let's just say that, K? We dug our heels into the snow some more and then started our trek back up the HILL...the 1000 ft hill it seemed like anyways. Well, then the complaining started..I'm tired can I ride in the come those kids get to sit in there? Wow...this is great fun I thought! NOT. we are bout half way up this freakin' hill when I said to Mike alright this sled is crazy heavy with these kids in we switched I took the tree and started to drag it up the hill and he pulled the sled for me...Let's just say I am sooo out of shape..I was huffing and puffing and wasn't good. so right near the very top of the hill I switched back with Mike just in case anyone was watching you know I wouldn't want them to see Mike pulling the tiny sled while his wife was dragging the 9ft tree up the 1000 ft hill. So back to the van we walked and he placed the tree on top of then van ..tied it down..payed t man and off we went. Driving down the road with a tree that was way too
Needless to say we arrived home with the tree still in tact to the van and pulled it in the house later on that day and let it rest till morn to decorate it. All and all it turned out pretty are our pics.


partyoffour said...

We were thinking of doing that this year. Your story kinda makes me glad we didn't. Oh well. It makes a great story.

Happy Holidays!
Love ya.

Gramma said...

Ah i remember those days.. One you will always remember at Christmas.. Where did you go.. up to Barrys on the 12th.. by the river.. That was Steve Barrys place.. he lived with Dan at university.. Anyhow good blog.. love you all big kisses and hugs... mom