Wednesday, January 02, 2008

For a Reason

There are somethings that happen in life that we all don't understand why or even how they happen. And I finally came across one this morning. Makayla and I were on the computer chatting with my mom on line and I had to get up to get something and I was maybe 1 minute and when I came back Makayla had sent my mom some sites on the computer. I know you are thinking the worst. Not the case. Believe it or not Makayla had sent my mom some of the most beautiful poetry sites ~ and to top it off they were about Grandma's and grand kids....go figure huh. The one that got to my mom's heart the most was this one..I hope you enjoy it as much as she did. She said she cried as it is was so beautiful to her. We sometimes tend to forget how important our children's Grandparents are to them and each other...that is a relationship that should always be held high and never lost.


texasnamma said...

i was talking to chrissy this am and mack came on the computer> she somehow on her own sent me this site to me> i read it and started to cry> i thought it was chrissy> but is was not> mack did it all on her own> wow> talk about putting gramma to her knees>> sorry my caps and other things are not working at pressent
still in tears
love u all

MedStudentWife said...

that is so lovely :D and so true !! Grandparents are truly special to all of us grand kids.

my4kids said...

That is too sweet. Kids are special people aren't they?