Saturday, May 31, 2008

To say none the's been a stressful week for me. Just seems to be a lot going on for one brain to comprehend..that's all. So after yesterday's feascle I decided to go out and have a little " retail therapy " good way to put it huh! As I was leaving Makayla decided that she wanted to go with me, which is fine as I do think she needs one on one time with me too ~ they all do really.
We went to a few stores and Makayla blew her Birthday money like there was no was cute to watch though. Our final stop was at ....ta dumm: Mc Donalds ~ as we were getting out of the van, the car beside us had 2 ladies in the front and a boy about 7 or 8 in the back seat, and as we were shutting out door all we heard was this foreign language but also a VERY DISTINCT word that was English..aahheem ~ started with an F..anyways the lady had used this word in a manner that she was telling the little boy off. Which was totally inappropriate and un called for in my eyes..but that's me. I think my jaw had hit the parking lot pavement and I'm not sure how long I was staring..but I was. Eventually we made our way into Mc Donalds and sat down to eat our meal..during our meal Makayla and iI were making conversation...then she says to me.." Mom, remember when we were getting out of the van and we heard that lady say that bad word to that little boy in the car. YOu know ..uumm was it A . S . S. oorrr I can't remember mom what was it? " So I said to her no it was a bad word Makayla it was the F word and we don't ever say that, Ok. She then replies with: " Oh the F word...Fart right Mom? I can't believe she said Fart off to rude huh Mom."
Well it took all I had no to burst into hysterical laughter in McDonalds, let me tell you. But it was one of those moments that I will always remember & cherish.
Kids ~ they really do say the darnedest things

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