Thursday, June 26, 2008

From good to bad, it all works out in the long run...right? Our share of trying times, patience of a god, enough holes in our tongues from biting them to not say " those words ". This is how it is.

For a long while now we have had some issues to deal with, and well we thought that we had finally got to the bottom of it all...when HELL reappeared AGAIN! Why us?!?! Poor little Kennedy has been going through so much dealing with tantrums beyond belief, acting out on us with violence, hurtful to say non the less ~ but yet none of us are sure whether she i=understands knows what she is actually doing, and frankly I really don't think that her specialist does either. Sorry enough rambling from me.

We had finally got a diagnoses bout Kennedy if you can recall a long time ago we had received an answer to our issues that we were dealing with here at home ...and that was Temper mentally difficult child syndrome...LMAO Ya Right.
Mike & I had left our situation long enough after that answer and there was absolutely no improvement, more less just our whole family in disbelief really. So off to our family doctor....again about this issue ~ i guess the saying is true if you persist long enough you will eventually get an answer you like. Finally after and hour discussion about what is STILL occurring at home he sent a referral up to a child behaviourist. Honestly all I felt was complete relief..Oh good I'm going to get some help. After waiting for a couple months, ( which felt like yrs ) our appointment finally was here. So we packed up Kaye and off we went to see him...I think I felt like I wasn't going to be heard again so I could feel my body going into recluse mode...INSTANT FRUSTRATION..and well it must have showed on my face cause that's exactly what the doctor said to me: " Why such the frustrated look"? HHHMMMM I wonder why guy??
The "interview" felt like it went on for hrs when actually it didn't just anticipation of getting another answer i guess..So after question upon question and answer upon answer, the doctor finally came to a " first & temporary conclusion": He diagnosed Kaye with having; OCD ( Obsessive compulsive disorder), Anxiety Disorder & the start of depression. At first I thought WHAT THE HELL! But then relaxed and dealt with that answer. But somewhere deep down inside I almost felt like it was a "mask" to cover up what is actually really wrong.
To say non the less meds were prescribed ~ mainly to help deal with the OCD issue right now and to see if they were going to help with any of the problems. But the trouble with these meds is that they take 4-6 weeks to kick in and actually see effects take place. After a couple of appointments to see how the meds were working the 4 week mark arose, along with red spots on Kaye. Yes, little hives just on the creases of her knees and arms..and a few on her face. Actually nothing that I was too worried about, until the next morning. And OMG it was totally unbelievable, the little red hives had turned into HUGE red patches that had become raised and EXTREMELY ITCHY for her.
Right there and then I went into panic mode.
PART 2 TO FOLLOW ( after this storm passes and I can turn he puter back on ) sorry :(

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my4kids said...

Hope to hear the rest of the story soon. Sorry I missed it when you originally posted. I've been away a lot latelty from the computer. I totally understand your feelings of frustration though and disbelief with the answers. We've been through it, still going through it.....