Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cough, Cough..Cough

Wow, I don't think i was aware that a tiny little girl could cough so much, and so hard it would make her eyesbloodshot, her sick & mommy go crazy!
Yet, once again it has been a somewhat long night. Makayla was coughing pretty hard the point of puking. Then in the middle of the night Kennedy started,& this morning holy goodness this is crazy. So I gave her some expectorant -from Buckleys( that didn't go over well) but it seems to be kinda helping..not much though.
Poor little Marshall lastnight really didn't want to go to bed, which is unusual for him as he really is very good for going to bed for us. But everytime I laid him down he would start to cry and cry hard. So...I kept him up for a while to try to tire him out, then tried again, went cried a tiny bit then fell off to sleep. What a week, poor Mike has been soo late all the time this week, he's gotta be exhausted. Darn Corn fields! Oh well thats the name of the game, it will be over soon enough. Well Im off to see what today brings me in excitment!

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