Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another weekend, another story

Friday came and went so fast this weekend. And finally my husband got a little bit of time off work this weekend, it was so nice to spend some time with him.
Unfortunately, Marshall, and Kourtney...Kennedy are still pretty sick, mainly a bad cold know coughing still till they get sick from the mucus. Better mucus than powder from lets say those little rocket candies..right Jen? But hopefully this week will be better for them all, if not, well we go see the doctor again.
So...Mike and I got to go out lastnight, thanks to my mom and dad for watching all the little rug rats for us! We went out for dinner...get this we decided go eat at the new restaurant in London.......yep
HOOTERS is was! It was great..good food, great waitresses, we would go again. Then we ventured out to go do a bit of shopping, we did scout out the movie theaters but..there was not much playing that we were interested in watching so we decided no to go. Came home to a very quiet house, that was nice!
Till mom and dad left then, Kourtney threw up all over the car seat..right to the floor, so I ended up giving her a bath at 12:30 lastnight, we then went to bed and she didn't want to go to sleep..eventually she did around 1:30 am or so. We are off to a birthday party today..we have forwarned the kids to PLEASE NOT open these gifts as they are for someone else today. Lets see how that turns out!
Anyways, I really noticed how"mother like" or should I say older I am getting as I saw that the highlight of my night was when we were at Walmart, and Mike calls me over to see something..and it was Cracker Barrel Cheese on sale..I was so friggen happy! How pathetic is that? A good deal is a great day for me!
Well off to a party today will Blog later.

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Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm....cheese....I love a sale on cheese