Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm on the Mend!

Sorry for the delay in my Blog...but I was very much down and out yesterday as I caught a 24 hr Flu bug. And HOLY CRAP it threw me to my knees, I don't think I have been that sick in years. It started right when I woke up yesterday, felt a little sick but it was manageable, did a bit a cleaning, etc... then the headache started-felt like someone beat my head with a stick, then I got extremely dizzy...tried to call my mom but to my forgetfullness they had an appointment yesterday morning...so I kept calling--while I was crying cause I hurt so bad by this time..and I would hang the phone up and get so mad cause no one was here to help me. Why is it that us mothers are always such helping hands when others are sick but when we get sick you pretty much have to die and come back before help arrives?? Why is that I ask? Anyways my mom and dad showed up at my house shortly after I was calling them ( after the like 10 th call ), they came over to drop off some stuff mom had made for us and some apples she got on sale..thanks mom. And when she came in the house I just burst into tears and fell into the chair..and muttered I need help I can't watch the kids Im toooo sickk. So she stayed and sent my dad home in their vehicle. A few minutes later mom got a couple Tylenol into me as I was burning up-which I had no idea of. And then she sent me off to bed...so up the stairs I went like a drunken sailor, and then crawled into bed and cuddled up into the comforter..while Willow our cat curled up at my feet, kinda like she knew I needed her there to help keep me warm. Then bout 15 minutes later that funny feeling came over me you know that numbness you get in your legs then your knees then your tummy and you know you gotta run...so I stumbled out of bed and went down the stairs as fast as my beaten up body would take me. Got to the bottom of the stair case and removed that friggen baby gate that was in the rode ( hate those things ), made it to the bathroom just in the nick of time..and like I said HOLY CRAP..was I ever sick! Finally made it back to the couch bout 1/2 hr later after laying on the bathroom floor to stay cool. Then I decided to try to venture back up stairs to lay down again..in the mean time my sister came by and dropped off some Gatorade for me( Thank you so much Vic). So curled up in bed again and fell off to sleep...I woke up and came down stairs feeling more alive then 2 hrs earlier, and a little more refreshed. So I drank some Gatorade and had some Chicken soup. Mom took care of the kids, and manned the fights they had..lol. Finally really started to feel a lot better around 7 or so..and mom went home then when my dad came to get her. I sat on the couch and waited for Mike to come home...which was 12:00 I went to bed around 11:30 I couldn't stay up any longer..So I took some Gravol in hopes that I would get a good night sleep, and I did. As for today I am feeling pretty good..so I will blog later and let you know how today went.


Anonymous said...

so glad you're feeling better Chrissy. Nothing like that 24 hour
flu, just as long as it doesn't last for 9 months....Just kidding!!!

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Thanks for that..but there will be no more kiddies coming in to this house..so HAHA on you whoever u are!

Anonymous said...

HI Chrissy, gee that sounds terrible that flu! My oh my, so glad that you are feeling better~! Praying that you all stay healthy and strong today, and have a great weekend!

bye for now, Linda