Sunday, November 26, 2006

Had a night kids..well just the baby

What a nice Saturday we had. Started off that Mike had to work( par the course) but he arrived home in okay time, met up with our Life Insurance lady to settle a few things. I also had the luxury of having my cousin ask if she could take Makayla out to a movie with her daughter...they went to see Happy Feet-of which she really enjoyed. After the movie she decided to take the girls to the Santa Clause Parade in London..even better as we had intentions of going out anyways. So I had just said that we will pick her up on our way home. My mother in law came over around dinner time to watch the kids for us, while we took the baby with us-as she has been a little fussy so I wouldn't leave anyone with a fussy baby, at least not on purpose.
We left the house after our dinner we made which consisted of Steak and Potatoes on the " Barbie", and headed out for Old Navy to begin with, got a couple shirts for myself, and a few gifts for the girls. Then trotted over to a whole bunch of stuff we needed and well some stuff we really didn't
Then gased up the van and headed for home...arrived home, and noticed that Makayla wasn't here. OOPPPSSS we forgot to pick her up, well actually I forgot to tell Mike that we were to stop by there to get her. So away Mike went again to go get her. Mother in law got Marshall to bed, and I got Kaye upstairs and then they arrived home, and I put Mack to bed too. Everyone slept pretty well complaints . Mike is at work this morning as well..hoping he will be home by lunch, but Im not holding my breath on that one.
Today we are gonna try to complete our christmas lights display outside as we have a big tree to decorate, and then hopefully next weekend the tree is going up!!!
Yesterday and this morning we have had great success with Kaye on the whole potty training situation...she is so proud of herself and as we are of her as well. Hope it keeps up! Well off to continue the day!


Gloria said...

Hi Chrissy
I found the comment area. Just talked to Debbie and she tried to send a comment but didn't work. She looks forward to your daily blog as I do. She says the same as me that you write like we are right there with you. Keep up the great events. Hope this works


deb said...

Hey Chrissy; I figured it out tooooo.
It just takes us old people a little time to figure out new tech.
I really do enjoy reading your blog.
Some days I say OMG and other days I just giggle. I give you credit!!!
Later Deb (still with no grandkids)