Wednesday, November 22, 2006

That was annoying

Well..I just typed out a very big blog this morning and ...guess what happened!! Oh cute little Kennedy turned off the power bar to the computer! I love her soo much. so I guess I will try to re type all of what I can remember.
So..I had a pretty good night lastnight all the kids slept all night long except Kourtney she still woke up for her feeding but I dont count that cause I can't even remember feeding her I just know that the bottle was empty when I woke up today. LOL. I woke up at 6:30 this morning which was great cause I was by myself, and I actually got a fair bit accomplished. I got myself all ready, Makayla's lunch and baclpack ready, and did up my dishes, and also started on some laundry. Speaking of laundry I had a little helper the other day while I was doing a load of wash...I think that maybe he thought he would inspect the washer first. take a peek! Let's get on with my story here. So we all packed ourselves into the van and off we went to take her to school. We arrived at the school and ..well noticed that she had no mittens or hat! These items are usually left in the van so we do not lose them-this didn't work I guess. I sent her into her class, and I started to look for a pair of mittens , at this point I really didn't care if they were Marshall's mittens or Mike's for that matter. I finnaly found a pair of Kennedy's mittens, which were stuck underneath the seats. I took the pair of mittens into the school and as I opened the big front door to the school I stepped in and then heard the Canada Anthem being played which of course led to the HUGE slam of the front door behind me--and there must have been at least 6 or 7 people in the office, they just stared at me. Only me I say! So I took them to her room-after all the song was over, and as I was in there I decided to have a tiny chat with her teacher. See a couple nights ago we were all in the family room and well, Makayla had a really bad word fly out of her mouth and she really had no idea as to what it meant at all. I'll give you a hint: *#@!. Starts with an F. Yeah we were not impressed but..these things happen especially with all the influences at school now. I'm sure every kid has one of these mishaps with these ugly words...but if you think your child won't look out cause they the least expected time..HEHE I say! So Mack told us who had told her this nasty word and I just wanted to bring this to the teachers attention so she knew. She was more than surprized as to who it was that told her- as she was expecting me to say another little boys name. That wasn't the case. Anyways I am hoping that this " word issue " clears up. I know it will be just in time for another issue or word...and it gets worse every year I've heard. GREAT. So I really am hoping that our " little talk " to Makayla helped a bit and hopefully we dont hear this again ( Im sure we will- right Kaye!!!).
Well I am off to get our day going here,then have to pick up Mack at school and off to tap dance today...Blog later! Oh here is a little pic of Miss Kourtney for you to see she is 12 . 5 lbs now! Sorry it's a pic of her sleeping-but she seems to sleep a lot, and Im not complaining.

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Linda said...

Hey Chrissy, wonderful pics. Too cute that little baby of yours~!! I can remember a time when I let out a not so nice word around my 4 year old niece, and she went home and practiced it on my sister!!! so you are so so right, they hear everything we say, after that little episode I began to ask the Lord to clean my mouth up, haaaa, and well He did, now I stil watch what I say, and have messed up, Thanks for reminding me to be mindful~of my words!