Friday, November 10, 2006

There's gotta be another name for the terrible two's

okay, holy Oh my goodness! I am honestly getting really tired of hearing my two year old yell and scream and whine...and then cry somemore bout stupid things!

Doesnt matter whether its a car ride, going for a nap-that she asked for, lunch, dinner, walking somewhere, or just the way I breathe! It seems to be wrong! I really think that she is trying deperately to drive me mentally insane( well worse than I already am). You know you try to stay calm through the whole circumstance and then it just seems to get worse! I am trying so hard to enjoy these young years but boy some of these years are so trying on a person at times.

Hopefully tonight will be better...the crying will stop. Her too eventually.
Well, we took Makayla to school today and then I get -yep the call. " Can you come and pick Makayla up as she is feeling ill.) So thank goodness my sister was here at the time so I could leave the other kids here while I went to get her from school. But it didn't turn out to be that easy-Kennedy decided she just had to come with me! So I pack her up and then half way there, Kaye starts screaming I want my window open-and of course she was sitting in the seat that has a window that just doesnt open oly the back two open...but like she knows and understands that. But still she kept on screaming!
Picked up Makayla, Iwent down to her class and told the teacher that I was there to get her, and we went back home.
We were home for about 5 minutes when Makayla got this sudden miracle cure of feeling so much better! And started running around. This doesnt make sense to me as Makayla really loves school so much. So I think that this whole week of her bieng sick has taken a tole on her and she just has the tale end of something still...come on lets give her the benefit of the doubt.
I am really hoping that the rest of the day is a whole lot happier and cheerful around here with another little one in this house.
But honestly she is so darn cute..I can't stay mad at her at all!


Kids Are Great said...

Oh the two's I like to call them the teaching two's, where there is so much wonderful opportunity to teach them all things, and help them grow, wonderful age, such an important time in a child's life and great time for mom & dad to help them develope, have fun.

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

yes two is a wonderful age..but it is also a trying age for some children. Sometimes even a parent needs guidance through these times.