Thursday, November 09, 2006

Busy Day..bit of walking

Holy what a busy day today! I feel like a chicken with my head cut off! Lets just say there was a lot of little voices here yelling at each other...about anything and everything.
Kids had a bit of a nap today except Makayla, I decided to go and get the mail this afternoon, so i packed them all up in the stroller, informed Kaye that she was walking-while Mack rode her bike. Arrived at the Post office, and i sent the two girls in the post office to mail a couple letters I had to send off, while emptied our mailbox. After we accomplished that task, I was informed that we were going to the store. Everyone ended up getting a treat ( even me) - and then I was asked " mommy unwrap it , unwrap it- some sucker candy thingy they both got. Which ended up being a big mess all over Marshall face as they kept sharing them with each other-hence the reason they are all sick! Boy that was a pretty site...little Marshall-should i say little? Well he was all sticky from the sucker candy thingy & also had a very runny drippy nose of snot! But still managed to look darn cute.
Started to make dinner-yep you guessed it! The baby started crying--and didn't stop! So getting dinner tonight needed to be easy and fast- Soooo...Hot Dogs it was ! Then proceeded to get everyone ready for the little hike up to Sparks to drop Mack off. So baby in car seat in the stroller, Marshall in the front of the stroller, Kennedy once again was informed that she was walking and Makayla walked too. Half way there Kaye got tired and ended up on the top of the stroller --handle bar region to sit and stay.
We arrived at the meeting and realized that she didn't have her Dues container with her Due money. Soooo yep, we came home, got the $ and walked back up again to drop it...during this walk I proceede to tell Kaye that she had to quietly go in the building to Mack and give her her due container, and come right back out, which got a response of No I want to stay here too! So after making a promise( that I was sure was gonna be broken) of her coming right back out..she stompped in gave Makayla her container and left.
We then walked back home-again, by this time Kourtney had started to cry, and I was ready to sit down. So I sit here and type this Blog while I wait to get packed up again and take them back up to pick her up! Well it's worth it seeing the smile on her face & knowing that she loves Sparks. Well Im off for another night!

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Aunt Chris said...

Was just checking on Jen and saw you had a blog too. Hope everyone is feeling better and that you're getting some sleep. I just love checking in to see what everyone has been up to. It reminds me of when my kids were small, your stories are so vivid and complete with evidence (pics). You'll have such great stories to look back on and laugh about. Enjoy this time, they grow up so fast. Oh now I sound like an old lady. Oh well, just enjoy life and keep on blogging. I'll keep reading and laughing.