Thursday, November 30, 2006

Week's Flown by....!

Im late again entering a new blog for you to read and I apologize, things just get soo busy around here...I find it hard to grab a few minutes to sit and type sometimes. So..remember I chatted bout our little T.V. dilemma, got that all figured out and the empty space is filled in with a new T.V. now..thank you mom and dad. Which was a very nice surprize and highlighted our week..which made us smile...thank you again. Well Tuesday night spelled out to be another late night for Mike which led into Wednesday, that day is--the big.....Farmers Night here in town! And Mike was off to that on Wed night, which he really enjoys ( as we all know he loves to gab ) and catch up on gossip, ( gotta little estrogen in his body..hehe ). He arrived home round 12 am or so..but was in a jolly mood so it was nice to see that. As for today...well another rainy day I really dislike the rain not to keen on this weather as I find it brings me down which in turn makes the kids gumpy then. Kennedy had a bad day today--I won't go into excessive details as I do not wish too but she had a bad day.....k. Mack had school today, and Marshall was pretty good , but the COLD that all these kids have caught AGAIN is bringing him down a little. I cannot belive how much sickness has gone around this season so far, hope the end is in sight soon for it!! Mike arrived home in good time tonight, so I didn't have to pack up all the kids to take Mack to her meeting tonight-which was a treat. And we got a wardrobe for our family room/front door area to hang all our coats and store mitts and shoes..etc. That way its not so cluttered looking. So Mike and my Dad were assembling that project together tonight for a few hrs. LOL, good old tilted houses..makes the doors outta wack a little..but it still looks nice I think. So thanks guys for putting that up for me I really do appreciate it.
As for my baking ...I have been on a baking binge these past two days, I have made dozens of muffins and cookies, and I am gonna make up some Lasagnas to place inthe freezer this weekend, excited bout that. And ...we are gonna get festive this weekend!! Yepper, gonna put the big old tree up, just in time to watch one or all of the kids bring it down I bet..Im gonna time it to see how long it takes before someone pulls it over. Or before the cat climbs it and her massive weight keels it over..
And hopefully we will venture to Walmart tomorrow as we have to buy a birthday gift for a party that Mack is attending this oh godness help me there!!!
I will fill you in on the details! Here is a recent pic of Kourtney. 11 weeks old.

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Anonymous said...

Kourtney is a beauty!! Must be wonderful to watch her grow!!!

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