Saturday, December 02, 2006

Well, Well, Well...what to do

Sooo....lets just say that the past few days have been very very HECTIC here!!! Friday was a day from Hell...yes I know I said Hell. Well it was so there. Mike yet once again has had an extremely long work week and well mommy is really feeling the kids " output " on things while he is away this week. Put it this way he worked 107.5 hrs last week...and this week has been close to the same. Ya this means that I am the one going crazy retardedly insane somedays.

Anyways its nice as he has the weekend off, so I am so happy bout that!! SO, lets start onFriday morning, Kaye woke up about 7 ish not too bad, I never complain anymore as long as its past 6:30 in the morn anything before and well Im not the happiest camper around. SO we do the usual come down watch TV, get breaky, wait for the other kids to get up...and Friday was also a PD day..have I told you how much I dislike PD days! Kaye was in a mood on Friday the mood where its all gotta go her way or look out..cause she will scream bloody murder . SO most of the day consisted of screaming from her! We notice that Kaye has a lot of aggression right now and well has been taking it out on her siblings Marshall got pushed down the stairs on Friday, Mack got hit in the face, and Kourtney got a nasty nose squeeze ( you know to go with the scratches that she put on her nose the day before ). So mommy had just about had enough Kaye had so many time outs it wasn't funny, and I was emotionally wore out. The day continued on with Kaye finally falling asleep on the couch for about 2 hrs or know long enough to regain myself and for her to maybe be in a better mood when she woke up...ya NOT!! She was no where near in a better mood at all. SO I decided to try and steer clear of her, so I went into do some laundry and then from the family room I hear Makayla yelling-" MOMMY --POLISH,POLISH...come quick!" I ran in to the family room and said no I didnt polish anything what are you talking about? She said no Kaye has Polish!!! You guessed it! Little Miss Kennedy got up into the bathroom cupboard and got out BRIGHT RED nail polish! And well she tried to paint her toes! Of which I had done the night before for her..but I guess she wanted more. But during this whole process she seems to paint her toes and then dragged them along our floors!! That was what got my blood boiling....I just yelled " NOT MY FLOORS !" So she was a little upset after I was done talking with her..but I dont think that she will be touching that again. I did manage to get the paint off the floors with alcohol filled pads, but as for the paint that got on her dress..yea its on there good. Sowhen Mike got home this all continued and finally bedtime came around..thank goodness, and well today isnt so bad. So I will let you know how tonight goes maybe tomorrow. Here are some paint can LOL I still am. But I didnt when I saw it all. Ta Ta ! Here are the toes she painted..and below is our floor that got painted.

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