Friday, November 24, 2006

What in the world!

K, so woke up today and pretty much started off like a good day..till I even mentioned the words, " I have to go to town today..which then always leads to" can we go to Mc Donalds ? " Which in turn I say " No, not today..but I took them there,,lol. Anyways..back to my story, prepared the kids their lovely breakfast this morning, then I decided that I would get everyone bathed up ..AGAIN, as they were looking totally filthy...I cannot believe how dirty a kid can get in 1 hr of being awake. So the 3 kids are in the tub..all is going well. I pick up the dirty laundry thats on the floor from the kids and I throw it in front of the washing machine..which is like a zip around the corner. Then all I hear is " MOMMY!! MOMMY!! OH MY GOSH!. SO I dart back to the tub doing Moch 1 I think. To see in turn that my darling daughter Kennedy had tried to turn the tap back on and completely ripped off the faucet handle for the tub water! Ya not a good option. So I immediatly get upset..and well said a couple things..Im pretty sure that shes not gonna touch that agian. I managed to finally get it back on the little square thingy that it came off of. So all is well..Marshall gets out of the tub first..I dry him off and get him dressed. Fine...then Makayla says I want to get out now too mom..So at this point I heard Kourtney crying so I went to go grab her..not knowing that Marshall had gone into the family room...then he came back into the bathroom...all is well...till...I was changing the baby when all I heard was-" NO MARSHALL NO!!! MOMMY MARSHALL DROPPED THE REMOTE IN THE TUB!" Okay all I said was oh he better not have! So I grimly looked over the edge of the tub ...yep to see the satellite remote floating in the water..Oh how great my day has begun. Needless to say I got pretty mad..but it was my own fault as I was preoccupied with Kourtney..right? As of 7 pm tonight it still wasn't working by the way.

So ...2 friggen hours later we are all ready to go to town. I pack them all up into the van and all I hear is " I can't find my sunglasses..where are my sunglasses?" K, like we all know whats gonna happen if I do not find Makayla's sunglasses I stopped the van got out and found them in the front seat. So I said outloud k, lets try this again. So we ventured off to London..we went to the bank..that went alright. Kourtney, Marshall & Kennedy had all fallen asleep at this time, which was was pretty quiet! Then I went through the drive through at Mc Pigs to get the girls their happymeals...kept Kayes till she woke up , and Makayla started munching away on her own. I had to go out to Sams club to get something..that went okay. Now was the dreaded stop at WALMART. I find Walmart can bring the worst out in children sometimes.But not this time!! So I packed up all the kids in the shopping cart while Makayla walked beside me...I laid down the rules and they unwillingly repeated them after me. We went into Walmart ( after cutting a lady off with my shopping cart...oppss) I apologized and she said to me" Oh it looks like yo have your hands full with all those kids.." I said Oh you think? So I finally get in to the section I need and get what I want and try to get the heck out of there. The line ups at the tills were crazy so, we went through the self check out lines..I got the girls to scan their own they got M&M's and a kinder egg for Mack. We get back to the van I get everyone back in their seats..whuch I think took 1 hr..well it felt like it, and we went home. We then picked up a gift for my niece.. and went to go drop it off at her house as it is her birthday today! Happy Birthday Sweetie! I run her gift up to their door and give it to her...and then notice that Mack has gotten out of the van when I get outside I asked her and well she wiggled around some seats and got out that way. What a kid. So I drove home..we had some dinner, Mike arrived home around 7:30 ish tonight but he started at 4:30 today-he has had a very long week again! He is now snoring very loudly on the couch and all the kids are wierd to only hear Willow our cat meowing at me to pet her. Nice though. I have to say I am completely whipped tired I almost didn't blog..but I did, just for you. So I am really hoping that we have a better day tomorrow..not that today was bad just very eventful. Ta Ta for now!

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