Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yet another busy Day, but made it through!

Finally...almost time for bed for these little munchkins. Just gave everyone a cupcake with icing that we made today. Yep a little bedtime snack. Different day today, Went to the doctors..again today this time for myself. Got my mom again to watch my kids while I went by myself...which was so nice-even if it was just the doctors. Came back home, and we made cupcakes..and Kennedy and Marshall both napped at different times today mind you, but at least they napped right. Got Makayla ready to go her Tap Dance lessons today while mom stayed here with the other kids so I didn't have to drag them out too. Got her to dance class and then realized that it was parent watch week there. So I actually got to stay in there and watch her dance today. They don't ususally allow you to watch as it tends to be a distraction for the kids.

Okay I just put Marshall and Kaye to the house is like a whole lot quieter now. So tired they were fighting over everything tonight it seemed like. After that whole phone thing i am So keeping the portable phone way out of any kids reach, as i would like to try to keep this one for at least a month without it getting damaged. Still cant beieve that happend-well yes I can actually. Things seemed to kinda go down hill as the day progressed, and the kids got bitter and starting really arguing so I changed the scenery for them and went to put them all in the tub-except the baby. I kept a VERY close eye on them today as we had a tiny accident the other day, Makayla was in the tub and I had gone to do something for a minute& then I heard a lot of dripping coming from the I went down stairs and HOLY CRAP!!!! The floor was leaking from under the tub! So i stormed upstairs to see what the heck was going on and Makayla decided to set her little pets ( Toys ) on the side of the tub- then give then a Tsunami and it just so happened to be a big Tsunami-but I cleaned it all up and all was okay, just an excess of water on the floor. Needless to say she got a big talking to about that. Picture of the Tsunami maker above.

Oh great Kaye just got up and decided to wake up it! K, just tucked them back in but they are not happy campers right now.

Wow can't wait for complete my time tonight. I can't think straight, or see straight for that matter-just tired, not drunk even though i wish i was. lol.
Oh well for tonight.

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Kids are Fun said...

Family are wonderful! Children are so precious, and yours are beautiful! How wonderful that you saw your daughter dancing, before you know it, our children will all be married, let's keep enjoying them as time goes by so so fast!