Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From Good, to Bad..to Even worse!

What is this picture you ask??..well read on ! I fish eyed the picture for your viewing pleasure,
Starts off to be a not too bad of a morning...other than Kaye got up a little early, but that was manageable. Came down stairs to get breakfast in order, and gather up the stuff to be placed in Makayla's book bag. Finally get everyone readyto go...after the fighting/arguing. Get to school drop her off and ...then Kaye starts.." I wanna donut..mom!". This happens every ride by the way. We arrive home and well the bickering atrts again between Marshall and Kaye..one wants to watch Blues Clues while the other struggles to keep turning on and off the T.V.
Ends up in mommy being the ref. again. So I had to make an quick call up to the doctor's office to see if they could squeeze Kourtney in to take a listen to her chest as she is very rattly again..lord knows she doesnt need Pneumonia again.
So got my parents to come over to watch the other kids as it was heading to be their nap time, and we all know " on time " the doctors office always is. Ended up being that she has another really bad cold, and if she is still bad on Thurs I am to take her back.

So trot on home and my parents leave to run their errands..while I made a couple phone calls and tried to clean, and made a couple batches of muffins. By this time everyone was awake, and it was busy. Marshall was running all over the house with the portable phone like usual..seems to be his pastime maybe he will work for Bell. Anyways, he then proceede to climb up on their little chairs like they always do to help me clean the dishes...but I turned my back and little did I see that he still had the portable phone inhis hand! Yep you guessed it! I came back to the sink to find a drenched portable phone-by the time I got it out of the water filled bowl, it was so water logged that a goldfish could have started a life in the display area.
I think I swore, and just set the phone down to leak out..which it still hasn't so a fish would have been fine in there.
I then get Kourtney all settled down in her swing ...and not even 1 minute later all I hear is BBLLLAAHHH...SSPPLLAASSHHH...yes she puked! A huge projectile puke all over her and the swing. So I pick her up out of the swing dripping all the way to the bathroom...and put her in the tub...get the swing seat off to the washer to be cleaned up. Then Kaye and Marshall see Kourtney in the tub and decide that the want a bath then. They get in the tub and Makayla arrives home from school. Well lets throw another child into the frenzy today, it's been great!

Well we are off to go to Bell tonight as we all know that a mother of four cannot go without a portable phone it is a staple in any house!

Lets top of the story tonight--Kaye just decided tosee what her poop looked like on her carpet in her room...mommy is not happy.

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Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

hahhahahahahhahahahahsahahahahahahahahahaha..poop on the carpet...oh Kaye, you brave girl. Really testing mommy's patience today, eh?