Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All is starting to settle

Makayla left Santa a cute little note , Kaye and her made some sugar cookies that night just for him..and left chocolate milk too. Way too cute!

So most of the chaos is over with. But still some pretty happy faces on these kiddlings here, it's so nice to see the joy on a childs face when they receive a gift as simple as a dump truck or a barbie..I love it! Marshall decided to ride in his new Extra Large Dump Truck, which was so hilarious..and the hard hat topped it off! The kids were spoiled again this year by Santa and other relatives but ..well thats what Christmas is for right! I am still really trying to clean up the mess that has occured here in the past couple days,
I can't get over that these new toys have taken over all the room in our home!! I took some cute pics of Christmas at Grandma's place too and other shots thought Iwould share them with you. And Marshall's past time is spent on his head looking through his legs he seems to think thatthis past time is great for making us all giggle. Also Uncle Chad's Dog Riley joined in on the festivities..she is so sweet, and the kids just adore her.

We also ventured out for some " boxing day sales" today! Yep with all the kiddies!!! Went well. I have to say that we would complain the most about the crazy drivers on Boxing day what the heck ..are you guys afraid that Walmart will run out of something before you get there? But we pushed our way through and got what we went for and got the heck outta there. So Ileave you with some pics, and have a good night.


Gloria said...

Great pictures again of all the kids and Riley. Your right Christmas is for the kids and when they squeal with excitement and look at you with those smiles everything is worth it. Had a great Christmas with all of you. My calendar is beautiful! Thanks again.
Gloria (Grandma)

Jen said...

Ok I love the picture of Marshall upside down. But, I have to say my favorite part of that photo, is Gloria upside down in the background. LOL

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Jen you amaze me with the things you notice I didn't even see that ! Doesn't surprize me though I miss a lot anymore...


Anonymous said...
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