Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another new toy

I finally get through all the mess in the house and eventually locate a spot for pretty much most of the toys, and then some more appear. The kids received a bunch of toys and clothes from their Grandpa lastnight, and today Uncle Chad brought over the Activity/train/lego/chalkboard/wipe off board centre table and set it all up. It seems to be great fun for the kids. But while we were opening it up all of these LITTLE WHITE PIECES of styrofoam went everywhere.K I mean everywhere..and the more I told the kids just to pick it up and place it in the garbage bag the more they defied me, they would crumple it up and throw it. Must have been fun, but let me tell you it sure wasn't fun picking up all of those pieces. For those of you who have forgotten what little styrofoam pieces are like THEY CLING TO EVERYTHING like you wouldn't believe!!! I shouldn't complain, the kids are happy yet once again and I will get all those things picked up within the next year or so...right?

Mike was off to work for another full day today back to the norm now. I was hoping to get out to Arva Flour Mills today but that will depend on naps right now. Feel like baking and making stuff so was gonna stock up on some stuff. But for now I will lug away and make more room for these toys.

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