Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blue Goooo.....

So, I am back to Blog again. I just wanted to update you an a grocery shopping journey that I had the other day.
I decided to go to get groceries the other know not a big deal. Got all the stuff I needed and well a lot of stuff I didn't . Anyways, got all the stuff loaded into my cart and hauled it out to the van, where I slaved and sweat putting it all in and tried to find spots for everything. I shut the sliding door then travelled to another location to get something else I was aiming to get that day. I went in got what I wanted and came out to the van ...I opened the door which in turn led to a HUGE bottle of Fabric Softener come crashing down and hit the parking lot pavement..which then led to the cap completely bursting off and Fabric softener splashing all up on my face and my clothes...then streaming down the parking lot like a fast river. I was so embarrased I yelled out a word, I wont say what it was I will let you imagine that. Why does this stuff happen to me?? I so wish that i had taken my camera with me that day as I so would have taken a picture of it for you to view. Oh well, got my mom to come over yesterday to watch the kids as I went on my first field trip with Makayla for school. We went to The Grand Theater to see : Beauty and the Beast, and it was awesome! I loved everybit of it! The entire school went to see this which was a treat for all of us, and to my surprize all the kids were pretty good, mind you some of the younger kids started to get " ants in their pants " but they did well for the amount of time we were there. All is well here so far we are of the see Makaylas concert tonight will Blog later!

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Anonymous said...

Still laughing about the softener story...I will never forget that. I hope you will post about the shirt experience too. LOL. Jiggle jiggle!!