Saturday, December 16, 2006

The story I wans't gonna tell...JEN!!!

Well...Jen ..,my friend has hinted on a message of one of my Blogs that I need to share a story with you all.

So, let me think what day was it, ummm..I think it was Thursday, took Mack to school, and decided that I had to get a couple things and deliver a couple things out to my sisters house. I first drove to work and picked up my cheques, came out to the van to hear Kennedy say " Oh mom..I "frew up". And I said to her no you didn't so she says " yes I did look mom look! Yep she did!! So I had to stand there and clean well try to clean the up..that is almost impossible to get off of car seat sealbelts. Anyways, got as much cleaned up as I could and continued on my way. My next stop was the bank, that went fine..then proceeded to get the Timbits that were being requested from the backseat area..hey if it keeps them quiet im okay with that! So I am in the line up in the drive through, and I order the stuff my coffee and their Timbits, I get to the counter and pay for the stuff and as I was paying the older lady at the window was looking at me kinda funny I might say, I didnt think much more about it, she came back to the window with my order and did it again! By this time I was getting cold from the air coming in the window and tired of the old lady's looks. So I start to drive away and realize that the lady was looking at me for a darn good reason!!! I was trying to be a " hip mom" and wear a nice shirt one of those kinda strechy shirts but still long sleeve, nice..but well with having four kids comes a nice flabby tummy and well these new girly tops dont like to stay on to keep you covered when you are sitting at least, they roll up like someone making Sushi. Needless to say the shirt has rose up on my tummy and my stomach was hanging out like a druken bums gut. Merry Christmas Lady I say..Merry Christmas!! How darn embarrassing I say i did wonder why my tummy felt cold but I thought it was from just having the window the case.
Anyways Im always fidgiting with my tops no one needs to see that gross view again!!
I hope you got a chuckle out of this ...I am still chuckling...wasn't then am now!

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Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, Chrissy...that is one of those totally embarrassing moments that everyone else finds hilarious... I really was laughing out loud, I could so see that happening to me, but am thankful it didn't. I wonder what the Tim Hortons lady was

Ahh, thanks for brightening my day with a little shared misfortune.