Monday, December 11, 2006

Festivities have begun...

Beautiful snow...sunny days....Christmas time..and hyper kids, what more could you ask for? So its been a while since I blogged last..just been a little pre occupied with all the Christams things, you know the wrapping the buying the cooking the keeping the kids out of others presents that stuff. We hadan okay week here nothing to REALLY complain about, so I won't. But we had a fairly busy weekend I suppose. Ended up that Mike had his Christmas work party on Saturday night, they hold it in one of the big shops that they have at their place, works out pretty well. I think there was 75 or so there, and this year they got Tricia's to cater it the restaurant on Dundas Street in London. So they served up a really yummy meal, I enjoyed it...and as for dessert it is always good, my favorite part to be honest. But, this year about half of the desserts ended up in a well ..lets say kind of food fight I guess. And this food fight was between Mikes boss and his wife..LOL. It was great! So imagine his wife all gussied up and looking nice getting hit in the face with cream pies!! Yep cream pies! Not 1 but at least 5 or so.. and then he dumped a bowl of Rice pudding on top of her head...aaahh wedded bliss huh! All in all it was a good time.

Then came Sunday. All weekend long little Marshall has been down in the dumps again, yep with sickness again. So I decided to run him into the Childrens Walk in Clinic and sure enough he has another ear infection poor guy. I decided to fill his scrip over at Shoppers Drug Mart as I thought it would be just to crazy at I had Kourtney with me as well and we all trucked into you realive how fricken small their shopping carts are? I think that my kids play cart is bigger then theirs!! That really annoying when the car seat doesnt fit anywhere and you have to cart it behind you while you are trying to dodge everyone in your path, not easy! All was well I handed in the script, and decided to shop around a little till it was ready. Found some good deals and grabbed them up, then bout 15 minutes into the whole " little shop" the kids decided to go crazy on me! So I have a tiny baby that starts to cry and she cried hard! Then Marshall feels empathetic when someone else cries so he starts too..i wanted to run home on the spot! But it all ended up okay. I arrived home and we had to start getting ready for my side of Christmas. This entails of My parents, my sister & brother, my grandparents, and8 grandkids, and another on the way from my sister in law in 11 days! So needless to say it was a pretty busy house yesterday, but fun. The kids and parents all had a great Christmas dinner, so much to choose from we brought the Turnip ( Mikes fav ) and buns from the local baker here in town. And dessert was to die for, Apple pie from Appleland, Lemon, and raspberry! And of course homemade cookies. Kids then went excitedly crazy to go and open up the presents under the tree...always the favourite part. And of course they were all spoiled with gifts again..Thanks everyone they are so happy and playing happily today with them. So it was a happy X mas day for all of us..and nice to see their smiles. Now its time to find spots in the house for Anyways..ttyl Going to man the fights and try to clean

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh they do that every year at the Work Christmas party....however sounds like a way better show to have watched this year...too bad I missed it..:)lol