Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Started lastnight....

Around 9 pm or so lastnight, we got Kennedy and Marshall into bed and Kourtney was asleep in the good ol' swing. And we were in the process of getting Mack into bed or trying. The lovely and helpful show Supernanny was on lastnight and as soon as Makayla gets a glimps of it she wants to watch the entire program ( I'm not sure if it's to get ideas on behaviour or what)... so I said well next commercial then you can head off to bed, which in turn was answered with a No..I don't want to. So then it would be " Can I stay up till the next commercial"? This continued for at least the hour show, I then received a phone call, and I find that this tends to turn my children in to maniacs--when you are on the phone, they are like totally different kids. So Mike was trying to get her up to bed, when suddenly she turned from Jekyl to Hyde..yep screaming and yelling no like a loonatic from the LPH...so she was sent to the timeout chair where she continued, and I got off the phone, and she ranted and raved again. I finally got her to settle down and I got down to her level ( you know like supernanny would) lol, and got to get out of her what was on her mind and that she has no right to yell and scream at anyone like that, especially that the others were sleeping too. So she apologized and off she went to bed..not sure where it all came from...but she let loose thats for sure! I guess we all need to vent like that once and a while.
And then this morning started. We woke up in good time to get ready to take Makayla to school, but still seemed to run around like chickens like we didn't know what we were doing. Finally got them all packed up in the van and still had a crying baby, and a toddler fighting me on getting her seatbelt on, and Makayla saying Kaye stop looking at me...mom she's looking at me! We headed off to the school dropped her off, did a few errands and then came home. I started to clean as I had the chance while Kourtney was still sleeeping, and the others just play around me while I work for the most part. Well, it seems that I have a girl here that is in love with Butter-Becel to be precise. So it was a large container of it actually just purchased yesterday, and well Kaye decided that she needed to get a scoop of it on her finger but little did she know that the lid was on tight and that container was heavy due to it being new! Yep over the counter it cam and BANG on to the floor.....Becel splattered all over. So not impressed So i scooped up what was salvagable and put in in to good old Tupperware! They then decided that they wanted to have a bath im okay with that...so we head off to the tub they get in have some bubbles, Kaye wants out so I get her out and she cries that she wants a cookie...so I grab her a double chocolate chip cookie..and she takes one to her brother without me knowing! We travel back into the bathroom and Marshall wants out by this time too so I reach over to grab him and the tub and himself are just covered with brown cookie. Kaye yells out" Mommmy Marshall Pooped in the tub, look mom look!" I have to admit it was amusing but gross at the same time. I have cleaned and reorganized my upstairs a little and feel better, now Im tackling the downstaits before we have to go and pick up Mack. All is well right now lets see what else occurs.

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