Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh Boy, Oh Pop!

I officially have a pop drinker..yes Jen he can be pals with Megan..they can drink pop all day till they get sick. I caught little Marshall drinking out of my can of pop I had -of which I hardly ever get to have a drink of, and well he was savoring every last drop of it it was kinda cute.

So far it's not a great start to the Holidays as all of the kids have a good old cold now, poor Kourtney is so stuffed up even her eyes are watering really bad, and their noses are just a' runnin'.
So hopefully they will feel a tiny bit better for Christmas morning, you watch Mike and I will have it by then, lovely. We went to Walmart lastnight as we had to get some meds for these guys so they could at least have a good night sleep. So tell me why does everyone wait till the last minute to buy gifts? I don't get it! It was CRAZY there! Mind you I ran into No Frills afterwards and it was no better, and well lets just say that some of the employees were not in the best of moods. So festive to be grumpy! So have a good day..will Blog again when some action starts!


jen said...

Ah Marshall, you're a good boy. Even drinking my brand. That's a good boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh can you imagine how difficult it must be dealing with all those people at the cash register? Three cheers for the cashiers, what a tough job they must have, a challenging one I would guess hey, you just helped me Chrissy to be aware and see this so next time I see a cashier I am going to tell them how much I appreciate them, bet they may not hear that too often hey? Where would we be without the cashiers, happy or sad. cranky or mad ones, a little TLC, maybe what they need! Thanks Chrissy you helped me put myself in there shoes today and give thanks for them....bye bye Linda