Saturday, December 23, 2006

We have a Flusher!

I thought that he would just find it amusing to put things in the toilet, didn't think he would actually flush the toys down it! I have retrieved at least 7 dinky cars, 1 tractor, 2 vibrating bull dozers, and well today was the clincher a large Little Tykes Truck..thank god it doesnt fit down the drain pipe! It was pretty wet when I found it, what is with the fascination of toilets and boys? They dunk toys in them with precise aim but yet they can't aim their pee in them at all! Switch it around boys, switch it around! So here is a pic of the Big truck in the toilet! That sure didn't take long for some action to start around this house today huh!


Aunt Chris said...

Good thing this one was big! Uncle Bill says Mike will need to learn good plumbing skill, pulling toilets, etc. By the way he has a wet shop vac, good for draining toilets, less mess - Paul and him are experienced with this job. When our kids were young we installed a wide throat toilet, for such occasions. When we were out east, a landlord we met says he installed a Champion in an apartment, "you can throw a cat down it."

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Thanks Chris, I will let Mike know that he might want to go to a Home Depot class on plumbing..might be a good idea! We have already had to fix the sink so I'm sure the toilet is next to go!