Monday, January 08, 2007

Back to school today!

So the Holidays are over, and we are now back to the normal rig a more role again. We had a pretty good weekend, Mike was home for most of it which was super! And the kids are feeling a bit better still a little tummy aches but not bad. I actually got to go shopping with a friend on Sunday -and...NO KIDS!! Thats right no kids. It was lots of fun and I actually spent money on myself which is a change. Mind you did buy a few items for the kids but mainly for myself this time, which felt weird but nice. There was only one draw back to Sunday and that was one nasty headache that had and for the life of me I just couldn't get rid of it , no matter how many advil/tylenol I took. So I slept it off lastnight and finally its gone, as my mom would say it's probably the pressure change in the weather, shes probably right. We woke up this morning in good time to get ready for the first day back to school for Makayla, Im impressed we did fairly well for getting back into the swing of things again, she was only 2 minutes late!! YEAH! LOL. Mack wanted to dress pretty today so she wanted to wear some clothes she received over the here are her shots! Then she wanted to hold Kourtney, and well Kennedy wanted a part of the action too. So they all posed for me this morning, it was cute.
I felt bad for Marshall so I took his picture after we arrived home this morning ( so he wouldn't be left out), anyways I am off to do some work today and clean the house, heres to a good day, hope you have one too!

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Anonymous said...

So cute I love the photos what I good lookin family you have~! Your baby is sweet. Yes let's all look forward to another wonderful day whatever we have to face, we will walk in Victory!!!! bye for now,