Thursday, January 11, 2007

Could be a long day

I have discovered actually how much I enjoy Makayla going to school! As she statred back this week and well Kaye has been really good ..when Mack is at school then when she gets home-LOOK OUT, its all an attention getter Im sure of it. And I do find that since I have to spend so much of my time tending to the younger kids Mack feels that and I try to get " her " quality time in with me but Im not sure if she enjoys it as much as she enjoys school. This kid loves school so much its crazy thats all she can chat about, and I am so happy for that I just hope that she excels in her studies as much as she has been with her new found " boyfriends ".LOL.

I just put Marshall down for a nap and Kourtney just fell asleep, I am now hoping that Kaye will crash for a nap soon but right now that looks very dim. I have just created a makeshift tent in the family room for the two girls for which they are playing in now-its just a matter of minutes before an all out war breaks loose between them. So i best go and try to get and chores done and wait for the arguing to begin! Blog later.

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