Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Weekend

So far so good.. well its been pretty good this weekend as Mike has been home except for this morning, as he had to work but for the most part he has been here. We havent done much this weekend other than today we are organizing the toy room..again! And I am going to try to get my picture books all done up as the kids pictures are still in the paper holders you get when you get them back from developing So thats what I plan to do. Mind you I highly doubt that it will get done as I am sure I will get interruppted often. I did a little shopping at Walmart yesterday just Kourtney and was good considering she screamed for the whole car ride in to London! Not sure if it was a legitimate cry or just trying to get mommy to hold her as I find thats the age they try that stuff! So she was good in Walmart but stayed awake all the way home then fell asleep for a while and would wake up crying. So I think its either teeth coming in/ or pulling mommys leg/ or could have been gas. Who knows.

Kids have been alright this weekend other than that, and well the normal tantrums from Kaye and the trying ability that an almost 6 yr old has on her Well heres wishing the best to my organizing for the day!

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Linda said...

Hi Chrissy, funny yesterday on "City Line" they were talking about when we get our house together we actually feel like we are more together, hahha...and well it works doesn't it, I tried in on my office at home, and I feel like I am in control again of my house, anyway....hee hehe...have fun organizing, and may you too feel that sense of YES YES this is good!